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Fitness Exercises for Women Over 50

shutterstock_107200553-Fitness-Exercises-for-Women-Over-50Age is just a number, as they say. There is no reason to look your age when there are ways that you can explore to boost your youthful appeal and feel more beautiful and confident than ever. Who says you should look 50 at 50 when you can look and feel like in your 30s?

The best thing you can do for yourself when you hit the big 5-0 is to keep yourself physically active, so you can be in great shape and in the pink of health even in your senior years. Studies show that exercise helps in lowering one’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Exercise can also help women reduce the symptoms associated with menopause, like hot flashes and joint pain.

Here are simple exercises you can do at home to keep yourself fit even with a busy schedule. Do consult your doctor before doing any of these routines to make sure that it fits your physical condition.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise helps work the large muscles in your body, which can great improve your cardiovascular system. It also helps you achieve your ideal weight. You can get into swimming, jogging, or dance exercises to work those areas out. Even just 20 minutes of walking three to four times a week can make a big difference in boosting your cardio routine.


Stretching exercises like yoga and Pilates are a great way to help you maintain flexibility and promote mobility in joints. These exercises help you increase stability while building your core body strength. Doing stretching exercise regularly also reduces the risk of injury and muscle soreness.

Strength training

Strength training boosts bone health. Try lifting hand weights to help you maintain bone strength and improve your posture. You can start with a hand weight you can comfortably handle and lift it eight times. Or, you can use 5- to 8-pound dumbbells and increase the weight to 10 pounds as you get stronger. Doing this routine for 15 minutes not only builds and maintains bone and muscle but also keeps lower back injury at bay.

Chest presses

Improve your chest strength while strengthening your abs, lower back, butt, and hamstrings with chest presses. You can do this routine by sitting on an exercise ball and holding a dumbbell in each hand. You will then have to walk forward while rolling the ball back until you feel that your shoulders are supported and your knees are bent. While your hips are lifted and your arms are open out to the sides, bend your elbows to lift the weights up, making sure that your palms are facing in. Then, straighten your arms as you press the weights up and down. Do this routine for about 10 times and see your chest strength improve.

Simpler exercises

There are other ways to keep you mobile if you can’t squeeze in some of these routines to your busy schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Talk your dog for his routine walk every day. Invite some colleagues for a walk outside during the break. Each of these activities is a great opportunity to be in motion and integrating them in your daily routine helps in keeping you active.

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