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How to Create an Exercise Plan For Women That Have a Busy Schedule

exercise-1581583_640Are you having a hard time getting started with an exercise plan or sticking to the one you already have?

Are you thinking how in the world you are going to fit exercise into your already jam packed busy schedule? Do your find it hard to get that needed time for exercise between all the household errands, household chores, work, school and kids?

The best way is to schedule it. Sit down and map out your weekly schedule. Anything you’re committed to deserves the effort it takes to get it done.

You are important and so is your health. When you exercise it helps your stress levels. It also releases endorphins that cause you to be in a better mood. That is a plus for everyone. Below are some helpful steps to help you create that much needed exercise plan.

Steps to Create an Exercise Plan:

Step 1

Print off or get a weekly calendar. You can find one here (http://www.wincalendar.com/Printable-Schedule) and print it off for free. Get the one that has the schedule for the time and then in half an hour increments.

The 24 hour one is the easier to use. You can delete the rows of hours that you don’t need.

Step 2

Sit down and go through your weekly schedule. Take a pen and mark the times that are not flexible. For example from 8am to 5pm you are working. That is not flexible, so label those with the appropriate commitment. Then label commute times as well. Also make note when you’ll be doing your personal hygiene.

When you’re doing this you should think about regular classes that you or your children take, work, school, activities and any other permanent and on going commitments. Mark those off.

The goal for this is to label all the commitments you have during the times that you are doing them.

Take a pencil and start putting in flex time or time that you do not have commitments.

Step 3

Now you have a basic understanding of your schedule. Look through it and find two to three times per week that you can exercise for half an hour to an hour.

An alternative is to find short time bursts that you have free and schedule exercise in during that time.

By creating an exercise plan you’ll be able to see where in your schedule you’ll be able to get your exercise done. Another way to be consistent is to use an exercise journal. This will help you know when you have time to exercise, for how long and if you’re doing weight training the reps that you did.

Are you thinking that finding the time will be hard? Probably will, but it is important and anything that you consider important should get the time that it requires to get it done.

By following these steps you will see where you can fit exercise into your busy schedule.

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