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How to Feel More Motivated

shutterstock_256521271-How-to-Feel-More-MotivatedSometimes no matter how badly you want something, you just can’t bring yourself to achieve it. There are days when you just don’t have enough motivation to finish anything you started. You don’t feel like spending even an hour of your time at the gym. You don’t feel like focusing on writing all your reports. You just don’t want to take on any extra responsibility at work although you know you can do it.

Whatever reasons you may have – may it be fear of failure, laziness, or lack of necessary resources – this short supply on that much-needed push should not keep you from achieving your goals. Being motivated all the time sure is hard, but once you discover what makes you inspired to move to action, it will all be too easy to achieve your goals.

Don’t know where to begin? These ideas might help.

Define your goals

What are the things you want to accomplish? What would it take to accomplish them? These are the questions you should need to address when defining your goals. It helps if you create a list of all the goals you want to achieve and below each one, identify the steps you need to take to complete each goal. These steps are actually smaller goals that you can manage and complete on a daily basis to inch yourself closer to your main goal.

For example, your goal is to lose some weight. Under this main goal, determine the steps on how you’re going to do it – workout every day for one hour, eat healthy on a regular basis, get enough sleep, etc. Setting smaller goals that you can actually accomplish will help you stay focused on your main goal.

Do one goal at a time

Even if you have tons of goals you want to accomplish, there’s no need to force yourself into doing everything all at once. Once you think of the work involved to accomplish each of them, that’s when you will feel too overwhelmed to even lift a finger. Concentrate on just one goal and direct all your energy and focus on accomplishing that one goal. After you’re finished with that goal, move on to the next and do the focusing thing all over again.

Be inspired

Energy and focus aren’t enough when you want to accomplish something. You will feel more motivated when you have that one inspiration who has been successful in achieving the very goal you want to accomplish yourself.

So if you’re setting your sights on losing weight, you may want to read up on stories of people who have been successful in managing their weight. If you’re looking at becoming a great writer, get your inspiration from accomplished writers and their journey towards a successful writing career.

Put your goal in writing

Post it on areas where you frequent all the time, write about it constantly in your journal, talk about it on your blog. Anything that will remind you of your goal, do it. This will help you stay focused and motivated to work your way towards your goal.

Celebrate little accomplishments

When you’ve accomplished even just a fraction of the steps you’ve created to achieve your main goal, don’t hesitate to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Celebrate your little successes – go out for a drink with friends, buy yourself something nice, treat yourself to a fancy dinner – so you will feel more excited and motivated to complete the work needed to achieve your goal.

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