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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

shutterstock_121241587-How-to-Lose-Belly-Fat-FastThere is nothing beautiful about having that stubborn belly fat, and the most irritating thing about it is that it can be a struggle to get rid of it for good. We’ve all been there: clothes don’t fit quite right with that hideous flab lurking from the inside or having to go through a lot of pain and frustration when seeing women with amazing flat abs.

While these are perfectly legitimate reasons for losing the flab for good, you might want to look at it as not just a mere cosmetic problem. If you don’t take necessary steps to get rid of that fat in your abdominal activity, it could actually expand in your abdomen and nestle deeper among your organs, putting you at risk of major health issues. Belly fat produces stress hormones and inflammatory substances that can affect your body’s insulin production, which may lead to heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

Set your sights on losing the flab not only to keep yourself fit but also to protect your health against serious illnesses. Here are some of the easy ways you can do to keep that belly fat at bay.

Eat more protein

Studies show that consuming protein-rich foods helps reduce cravings by 60% while boosting metabolism by 80 to 100 calories a day. Aside from that, protein helps you consume fewer calories per day. Make it a habit to eat more fish, unprocessed eggs, lean meats, and seafood not only to help manage your weight but also to reduce belly fat accumulation.

Cook with coconut oil  

Some studies reveal that using about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day helps slightly reduce stubborn belly fat.   

Avoid eating too much sugar

Consuming excess sugar has been found to have a negative impact on metabolic health. Sugar is a combination of glucose and fructose, and the liver can only metabolize fructose in any significant amount. When you consume a lot of refined sugar, this causes your liver to get flooded with fructose, forcing it to turn excess fructose into fat. Limit your sugar intake or get rid of it completely, particularly sugary beverages, to prevent the accumulation of fat in your belly.

Do a lot of aerobic exercise

Running, swimming, and biking helps get rid of belly fat. A study conducted in Duke showed that jogging about 12 miles per week also helps lose belly fat.

Avoid saturated fat

Consuming foods rich in saturated fat increases belly fat. A study conducted in Sweden revealed that those who ate foods cooked in palm oil gained more belly fat than those who ate with sunflower oil, a polyunsaturated fat. Subjects who ate with sunflower oil in fact gained more muscle mass and less body fat. Pack your diet then with a lot of polyunsaturated fats like fish, seeds, and nuts to help you reduce belly fat.

Drink more water

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily helps regulate your metabolic rate and boost your body’s fat-burning mechanisms.

Avoid snacking before bedtime

Don’t eat two hours before bed as this can affect your body’s calorie-burning momentum.




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