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How to Quiet your Critical Voice

shutterstock_121916857-How-to-Quiet-your-Critical-VoiceCriticisms and judgments from other people affect us in many ways, but nothing impacts us the most than that inner critic. Even if you know you’re good at what you do, you can’t seem to shake off that nagging voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough or at least not as good as the next person.

Well, you are not alone. This inner critic is present in just about anyone. Some are good at drowning these self-judgments in oblivion, but some aren’t as lucky and let this inner voice take over their lives.

If you’re one of those you can’t seem to silence the inner judge in your head, it’s high time you do something about it. Letting your critical voice dominate your thoughts makes you doubt yourself and your ability to feel good about yourself. If you let it rule over your life, it can affect the way you live, your relationships, and your drive to pursue personal and career goals.

Don’t let your inner critic hold you back. Learn to quiet your critical voice and turn it into something that will give you a positive and more realistic inner dialogue.

  1. Be aware of its presence

Determine the occasions when your inner critic is usually present. More often than not, it is more active when you feel upset or in a bad mood. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere even when you’re in high spirits.

For example, you’re working on this great project you’re really excited about. All of a sudden you start doubting yourself, questioning if you have the guts to even finish it. That’s your inner critic speaking to you.

  1. Know its motives

Know where this inner voice is coming from and why it is there. Acknowledge its presence and listen to it intently. It helps if you write down what it’s telling you and why it is expressing itself in a negative manner.

  1. Challenge your inner critic

Listen but don’t take what your inner judge is telling you to heart. Challenge what it’s telling you by matching its judgments and criticisms with positive and realistic ones.

So if your inner critic is telling you that this great project is out of your league, silence it off by saying, “So what? I can do this. I have great ideas that will make this project stand out.” Acknowledge that this negative style of talking from your inner critic isn’t good for you. Every time you feel there’s a negative critique coming up, be ready with a heap of positive words to stop the inner critic in its tracks.

  1. Silence it for good

Hurling positive responses against your inner critic every time it attacks will help you develop a healthy and more realistic dialogue with yourself. Acknowledging that those negative self-statements are lies and are not a reflection of who really are will help boost your self-worth and takes the power off of your hypercritical self.

Silencing your critical voice is an ongoing process. You have to keep going until you feel empowered and more confident about yourself and what you can do.

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