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How to Take 20 Pounds off your Husband

shutterstock_127325003-How-to-Take-20-Pounds-off-your-HusbandYou love your husband nonetheless despite no longer having those chiseled abs to die for. While a sexy body no longer matters, a fit and healthy one does. It is this for this reason that you should whip him up into shape. Unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle had taken their toll on his body, and it’s your responsibility as his wife to help him realize the importance of managing his weight to improve his quality of life.

Here’s how you can shed at least 20 pounds off your husband’s weight. Be warned that losing weight isn’t an overnight thing – it’s a long process that needs discipline and commitment, especially on your part. After all, he needs someone to look after him, and you made that commitment for better or worse.

  1. Introduce portion sizes

Losing weight starts with the right diet, and the best way to do that is to control his food intake. Slowly introduce portion control in his daily diet, which involves downsizing from his usual big plate to a smaller plate. This way, he will still get to enjoy his favorite foods but only in little amounts. By controlling the amount of what he eats, he will also have fewer calories to consume and burn.

For example, you can give him a smaller soup bowl instead of the usual large bowl. Serve him a smaller portion of his favorite pasta dish. Cut at least half a steak for him instead of one whole. It is important that you gradually incorporate this downsizing method into his diet to avoid shocking his system.

  1. Move to a low-carb diet

Limit his carbohydrate intake to make him lose weight faster. There are many studies proving that moving to a low-carb diet is more effective in losing weight than following a low-fat or a low-calorie diet. Control his intake of fruits, grains, and dairy products to successfully follow this diet pattern.

  1. Choose healthier alternatives

Pick healthier substitutes of his usual favorites. Instead of whole milk, serve him low-fat or fat-free milk. Rather than giving him regular ground beef, opt for lean portions of beef. The idea here is to introduce him to healthier food choices that are delicious as well.

  1. Get him to exercise with you

A healthy diet should be complemented with exercise to make weight loss successful. The problem is, exercising can be exhausting and sometimes uneventful, especially if he’ll be doing it alone. So try coaxing him into exercising with you. Tell him that it will be a great bonding activity for both of you. Hit the gym, swim, bike, or do morning jogs together. Joining him in his daily exercise routine will encourage him to do it more often, as he will also look forward to spending time with you.

  1. Be his pillar of strength

Weight loss is a long process. He will stumble and fall along the way, but you can inspire him to get back on track. It is important that you tell him you believe he can do it, and that no matter how many times he falls, he can start all over again until he reaches his goal. And that he has you to lean on when the going gets tough.

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